April 21

Z Day +2

Following on from the last session.

The intrepid survivors make an unscheduled stop at a truck stop so they may repair a damaged tire on the bus.

While there they encounter two members of a motorcycle gang plundering the truck stop. After brief negotiations the group secures needed supplies and proceed to investigate a small shopping mall.  The mall yields some further supplies.

Heading back to the bus the sound of gunfire can be heard in the truck stop. A quick look through the front door yields a grisly sight,  a horde of zombies overwhelms the two gang members.

A decision is made and the party leaves only to return a couple of hours later to secure the truck stop, during which one of the party is bitten.

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Posted April 21, 2014 by GeneralTangent in category "All Flesh Must Be Eaten

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I've been gaming on and off since about 1989 and during that period have played with numerous game systems. I'm fluent in a few, have a basic understanding of quite a few more and can get by in others. Somewhere along the way I found time to be a playtester, contribute to an unpublished game supplement and be associated with another gaming magazine written by far more talented people than I. This lead to one infamous article being written in which I followed the letter of the adventure and torched the parties river barge. I'm also listed on http://rpggeek.com as a game designer.

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