May 15

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Since joining the RPGBA I’ve seen some really good blogs but I have been stymied when I try to comment on them, like this one entitled “Five Ways Roll20 Is a PITA” .

The stumbling block appears to be the Blogger platform and the fact I can’t create a Google+ profile with my email address; the issue appears to stem from the fact it starts with General which appears to be against Google’s naming convention.

So I implore those good bloggers using Blogger please check your comments settings so we can use Open Id for example as another method of signing in to leave our thoughts on your blog.


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I've been gaming on and off since about 1989 and during that period have played with numerous game systems. I'm fluent in a few, have a basic understanding of quite a few more and can get by in others. Somewhere along the way I found time to be a playtester, contribute to an unpublished game supplement and be associated with another gaming magazine written by far more talented people than I. This lead to one infamous article being written in which I followed the letter of the adventure and torched the parties river barge. I'm also listed on as a game designer.


  1. By William Hutton on

    Unfortunately…it’s either or. If the G+ comments are turned off, all the existing comments go away :/ I wish there was some way to have both the G+ integration and OpenID.

    1. By GeneralTangent (Post author) on

      Nice to see you found your way here Will 🙂

      I ran into some other issues earlier when trying to leave comments on a Blogger post, I couldn’t use my WordPress ID and had to fall back to using a plain old Google account to comment. Looks like there is an incompatibility between the platforms.

      I leave all avenues open for contact, hence the contact form here as well as a last resort.

      Take care and try to roll ++++ 🙂


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