May 15

May 2014 Blog Carnival: Star Wars


May 2014 Blog Carnival: Star Wars

Welcome to my first hosted blog carnival and its about a subject dear to my heart; Star Wars.

I could rattle on about the whole background but I’ll save that for my post, suffice to say I want to hear what Star Wars means to you; whether it is a particular rules set or maybe even something funny that happened at the table.

So please feel free to contribute to this months carnival in the usual way by writing a blog post, link back to this page before dropping a note in the comments below.

At the end of the month I’ll do a final wrap-up post.

So, without further ado “May the force be with you” 🙂

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I've been gaming on and off since about 1989 and during that period have played with numerous game systems. I'm fluent in a few, have a basic understanding of quite a few more and can get by in others. Somewhere along the way I found time to be a playtester, contribute to an unpublished game supplement and be associated with another gaming magazine written by far more talented people than I. This lead to one infamous article being written in which I followed the letter of the adventure and torched the parties river barge. I'm also listed on as a game designer.


    1. By GeneralTangent (Post author) on

      Thanks for the contribution Bill.

  1. By Bob on

    I put up my post about Star Wars today. I really enjoy the Trilogy (but not the Prequels) to this day, but they have had only slight impact on my gaming. Looking forward to hearing other perspectives.

    1. By GeneralTangent (Post author) on

      Thanks for joining in Bob, much appreciated.

    1. By GeneralTangent (Post author) on

      Thanks for insightful post James.

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