February 27

Chopping Maul

One of my guilty pleasures is watching B movies and I’ve had a lot of enjoyment from them and I can’t help sometimes thinking if I could use the film as an inspiration for a game.

Recently I got hold of Chopping Mall a film about a mall that employs robots as night time security. This sparked my creative urge and I wondered what a mall patrolled by robots would look like in a zombie apocalypse scenario.

Adventure seeds.

Empty and patrolled.

In this scenario the mall is controlled by a small group of individuals who have overcome the malls defences before being able to reprogram the massive mainframe computer that governs everything.  The security doors are permanently locked and the robots patrol their designated areas but leave the survivors alone while they have their lanyards and identity cards on them.

This means the building is very much abandoned with only the robots moving at night.

The dead walk

The lower level still has the exterior doors locked against intrusion but there are a few dozen zombies wandering the lower level, the upper levels have the robots constantly on patrol; they are able to go down in the lifts when required and the dead leave them along since they aren’t a source of food.  There are still humans living here but they don’t go down to the ground level unless it is an emergency.

Everything is under control

In this scenario the outer doors are left unlocked during the day and the robots bring zombies up to the top floor which has been converted into a lab.  Here experiments are performed on the dead, including implanting them and turning them into cyberzombies and hooked directly into the mainframe.

These cyberzombies are free to patrol the mall and also venture outside as a robotic drone to gather whatever the controller needs from them.


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