March 11

Bundle of Holding – Bundle of Laundry

Based upon the novels and stories of Charles Stross this game of modern-day horror in some ways it could be compared to Delta Green, but you play covert agents working in the UK.

Agents of The Laundry fight Cthulhu Mythos horrors and bureaucratic supervisors. They can save the world, but they have to get a receipt.

The game uses the Basic Roleplaying system as used in Call of Cthulhu and has all the rules included so there is no need to buy a separate rulebook.

March 9

Kickstarter – Pro-Wrasslin’ Battle Royale : Card Game of Champions!

Greetings grapple fans! This chaotic card game brings the electrifying action of the wrestling ring into the palm of your hand…

Now this is a fun game to play, I was lucky enough to purchase a copy of the first edition from Joe J Prince of when he was at Dragonmeet a few years ago.  It would have been more of a laugh if more than two of us played it but that’s for next time 🙂

March 7

Zombie simulator lets you plan your own apocalypse

It was only a little while ago that I wrote about Zombie infection spread table for Savage Worlds and I gave you a link to an article containing a complex mathematical formula for modelling a zombie outbreak.  Since then Alexi Alemi of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and his colleagues have developed an interactive simulator.

The New Scientist website has a link to the story and also the simulator in question and you can read all about it here:

March 5

Kickstarter – Fabled Environments Presents: Wild West Floorplans

You got your sarsaparilla and some purdy dice, but somethin’s missin’! You need some shiny new western floor plans for your table!!

Even though I don’t yet have a use for these plans, if I ever get around to doing the western game then I may have to make use of these plans.

I have backed their previous project for the shopping mall and I was very impressed with it, a massive shopping mall ready to be printed out.