April 9

Pathfinder – Changing horses midstream

I apologise for those people who may be confused with the title of this post and came looking for rules on changing horses midstream.

What I really want to discuss is the possibility of changing my current campaign from an adventure path style game to a sandbox style campaign.

My players have mentioned to me about the Elder Scrolls style games they have played and I thought it would be interesting to see what happens if I give them an open ended environment in which to play. Luckily I have plenty of resources to draw upon and can use them to populate the region they will be exploring.

I should be able to generate quests for them to undertake and slowly tie the events together into a seamless puzzle for then to solve.

The last time I gave them something like this to play with was the Legend of the Five Rings supplement Mimura; I recognise where I went wrong there was bombarding the players with too much information in one go.

If I slowly add information to the campaign Wiki  I should be able to refer them there and allow them to refresh their memories of past events.

Fingers crossed that I may have found a potentially winning game idea.

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