November 10

Kickstarter – Cthulhu Wars : Onslaught Two

The Great Old Ones have returned to claim the ruins of Earth, and you are one of them! Cthulhu Wars is a competitive strategy game in which 2 to 8 players face-off to determine the fate of the planet. You’ll recruit cultists and summon monsters, cast spells, open interdimensional gates, and awaken your Great Old One!

Now this looks like a pretty cool Kickstarter that I would love to back it but it’s a bit too expensive for me and I don’t know if I’d get to play it with my current group, so I’m going to hold off on this project.


August 3

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 1: Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 1: Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To

There are so many interesting games scheduled to come out this year it is hard for me to say which one I’m looking forward to the most.  Many of these games are ones I have backed via Kickstarter, so I would have to say the impending Thunderbirds board game is going to be the one I’m really looking forward to.


April 4

Kickstarter – Sector Commander: WWII

Back an exciting card driven WWII strategy game that plays like a wargame, card game and a board game all in one! For 2 or more players

This looks like it may break the mould in tabletop wargaming, it could be worth a punt if you like this sort of thing.  Since tabletop wargaming brings out the worst side of me, I won’t be backing this one I’m afraid and when I say worst side, I mean the really competitive part of me that hates to lose 🙂


March 15

My Nuclear War deck

A short while ago I took ownership of the Nuclear War Players Guide and I thought it would be interesting to see what the breakdown of my current playing deck is; after sorting through all the cards and counting them twice I present to you my findings:

Total number of cards 580 Percentage
Delivery Systems 140 24%
Warheads 194 34%
Propaganda 112 19%
Secrets 37 6%
Specials 97 17%

Nuclear war chart

It has been a while since I did this and my results even surprised me.  I never realised I had that many special cards or warheads in the deck and I even added the special dual warhead / booster cards that came in the expansion Weapons of Mass Destruction, I added them in as as both warhead and booster.

With such a large deck I had to find a way of transporting it around and I have a large Utra-pro card carrier to house them plus it also doubles as a way of drawing cards; rather than have one or two piles of cards I allow each player to draw from any of the five wells in the carrier.  It makes shuffling them back easy to, just shuffle and deal to the bottom of each well then lay the unused stacks on top.

Secrets are handled by letting someone have the chance of stealing a Secret and then they take a card from a separate Secret deck; the stolen card is then returned to the deck for another time.  This way nobody knows until it is played what Secret has been taken.

Specials also include the various anti-missiles in the game, I didn’t think it would be worth counting them all out for another separate list.

When it comes to playing the game, I let each player draw two cards and choose one rather than dealing nine cards out to everyone.

If you want to know the specific breakdown of the deck let me know and I’ll see what I can do.




February 27

Kickstarter – The Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game

Back in December at Dragonmeet I had the chance to play an early prototype of the The Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game and the Kickstarter is now live.

Join International Rescue, avert disasters, and foil the Hood’s evil scheme in THUNDERBIRDS, the new co-op game from Matt Leacock

The funding period ends on the 29th March so you have plenty of time to back it; however one of the pledge levels reaches £70,000 it becomes locked and no longer available for selecting.  At the time of writing the amount pledged was nearly halfway there.