June 25

Kickstarter – Undying

It has been a long time since I played a vampire themed game; I think the last time was when my character ended up being screwed over by his ghoul in an old game of Vampire the Masquerade back in the 90s.

Perhaps vampire games are in vogue once more?

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April 1

April 1st – The Silly Season

With the 1st of April once more upon us I had to find out what the latest practical jokes were being offered to the internet.

It seems that the rapid expansion of the world wide web has led to April 1st being used as a media circus to promote things that sound plausible enough to be real but are utter hogwash.  You would think that people would be able to search online to verify the facts being presented to them but that doesn’t often appear to be the case.

Which made me wonder, what if some of these ideas could be real?  Take any one you like from the current crop or an event from the past and present it in your game world as a truth, then you have something to expand upon your campaign.

What if spaghetti was in fact grown on trees and harvested for food?  Think of the fun you could have when the crop is threatened with a beetle that likes to eat a food staple.

What if there was a translation system for pets that enabled you to talk to the animals?

How about an army of pigeons that classify search results?

I used to purchase a popular American tabloid and I mined that for campaign ideas for Dark Conspiracy and Conspiracy X; some of the articles were very inspiring indeed.

Plenty of campaign fodder there to spice up a dull session

March 11

Bundle of Holding – Bundle of Laundry

Based upon the novels and stories of Charles Stross this game of modern-day horror in some ways it could be compared to Delta Green, but you play covert agents working in the UK.

Agents of The Laundry fight Cthulhu Mythos horrors and bureaucratic supervisors. They can save the world, but they have to get a receipt.

The game uses the Basic Roleplaying system as used in Call of Cthulhu and has all the rules included so there is no need to buy a separate rulebook.


March 7

Zombie simulator lets you plan your own apocalypse

It was only a little while ago that I wrote about Zombie infection spread table for Savage Worlds and I gave you a link to an article containing a complex mathematical formula for modelling a zombie outbreak.  Since then Alexi Alemi of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and his colleagues have developed an interactive simulator.

The New Scientist website has a link to the story and also the simulator in question and you can read all about it here: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn27067-zombie-simulator-lets-you-plan-your-own-apocalypse.html#.VPeJL-GQ_KM