August 3

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 1: Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 1: Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To

There are so many interesting games scheduled to come out this year it is hard for me to say which one I’m looking forward to the most.  Many of these games are ones I have backed via Kickstarter, so I would have to say the impending Thunderbirds board game is going to be the one I’m really looking forward to.


February 27

Kickstarter – The Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game

Back in December at Dragonmeet I had the chance to play an early prototype of the The Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game and the Kickstarter is now live.

Join International Rescue, avert disasters, and foil the Hood’s evil scheme in THUNDERBIRDS, the new co-op game from Matt Leacock

The funding period ends on the 29th March so you have plenty of time to back it; however one of the pledge levels reaches £70,000 it becomes locked and no longer available for selecting.  At the time of writing the amount pledged was nearly halfway there.

December 7

Dragonmeet 2014 – That’s a wrap

This year I had an excellent day at Dragonmeet, I got to catch up with some old friends, meet some new ones and did a little shopping.

I did wonder if the change of venue may have caused the number of people attending to drop but I was surprised at how bust the ILEC convention centre was. It was certainly much easier for me to get to than the old venue and my vegan friends were happy with the close proximity of 222 Veggie Vegan to the venue.

I got to talk to Matt Machell author of the ’60s themed RPG The Agency, plus David F Chapman of the #rpgaday challenge, BITS where in attendance and I had a good talk to them as well as Arion Games and their new Kickstarter Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk.

I only got to attend a couple of panels as I overslept so I missed out on the ones I wanted to attend.  I had to attend the Jamie Anderson panel where he talked about growing up with Thuderbirds and he played a preview of the new Terrahawks Big Finish Audio production for us.

I stayed on for the charity auction which was hosted by the inimitable Brian Nisbet and he did a good job of running things; even if he did relinquish the hosting at one point so James Wallis could sell his t-shirt.  I got a package of Savage Worlds books and won a set at the gaming table to playtest the new Thunderbirds board game with Jamie Anderson.

I can’t say much about the board game except that it was a lot of fun, tense, full of action and has all the favourite characters from the TV series as characters.  I can’t wait to see this game in the shops and I shall certainly by purchasing it when it comes out.

June 4

Thunderbirds are go!

I’ve been a big fan of Gerry Anderson’s shows over the years and I always thought that any of his programmes would make the basis for an interesting RPG.

So to receive a press release from Modiphius Entertainment about their upcoming game made me think all my birthdays had come at once, upon further reading its a co-operative board-game which is better than nothing I suppose.

Perhaps they would be interested in doing an honest to goodness RPG if the board-game sells well?

You can read the full press release here: