August 20

#RPGaDAY Day 1: First RPG Played

We all remember the first game we sat down to play with friends and the memory of that day is still as fresh in my mind as the last time I played.

A friend of mine had offered to run AD&D and after acquiring a copy of the Players Handbook from a nearby game store for the price of £11.95 I spent the Saturday afternoon devouring the contents of this strange hardback book.

My very first character was a cleric of some-sort, I can’t really remember much more than that aside from the fact I had a neat miniature to represent him now and through his later careers.

It was a great time to sit down with people I knew, one or two friends, an acquaintance and someone who just didn’t like me for some reason.  We spent an enjoyable afternoon scrabbling around some castle fighting goblins I think until the guy who didn’t like me decided to stab me.

Yes, you did read that correctly, he stabbed ME not my character, specifically he drove his sharpened pencil into my shin which smarted somewhat.  So I moved places away from this unstable idiot and the session broke down shortly after that.

As I was getting my things to go, I noticed my miniature had been taken from my bag and after a few minutes I was able to find it and slipped out the front door shortly afterwards.

From that day I was hooked and decided to play as often as I could.