August 5

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 3: Favourite New Game of the Last 12 Months

Thanks to the deals offered by Bundle of Holding I’ve bought several games in the last twelve months, so trying to pick a favourite is going to be tricky and the whole point of this challenge is to select one game from my collection.

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of playing a 60s campaign after the fun I had with the supers game I did a few years back.

One of the bundles yielded me this gem

A roleplaying game of sixties spies
and the supernatural
by Matt Machell

It’s a wonderful example of design, simple and keeps the action flowing which is the sort of thing I’m favouring these days.

There was another game I wanted to pick but it falls outside the remit of the challenge, perhaps another day?

Link to Matt’s homepage:

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March 17

Bundle of Holding – The Dying Earth

I picked up this excellent bundle of ebooks based upon the works of Jack Vance the last time it was on offer. This wasn’t the first time I had come across the book as Jonny Nexus has shown me the main book after he’d purchased the hardback edition.

After spending some time reading the main book  I was very impressed by the setting and I feel it deserves the title of a forgotten classic.

I tried to inform the world of this bundle the first time it appeared on an internet forum and was shocked to find my post locked and eventually deleted from the site as it broke a rule of that group; no adverts.

Since then I’ve got my own site and I can now pimp what I like 🙂

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March 11

Bundle of Holding – Bundle of Laundry

Based upon the novels and stories of Charles Stross this game of modern-day horror in some ways it could be compared to Delta Green, but you play covert agents working in the UK.

Agents of The Laundry fight Cthulhu Mythos horrors and bureaucratic supervisors. They can save the world, but they have to get a receipt.

The game uses the Basic Roleplaying system as used in Call of Cthulhu and has all the rules included so there is no need to buy a separate rulebook.

January 10

Bundle of Holding – Torg

When I was writing my top 10 list of games I mentioned the excellent cross-genre game Torg.

Now for a limited time you can get a selection of Torg books including the players guide which greatly expands upon character creation and the revised edition of Torg from the good people at Bundle of holding

So if you have ever wondered what is so good about this game you can pick them up for a steal.