August 31

#RPGaDAY Day 9: Favourite Die / Dice Set

As a gamer of three decades I have collected quite a number of dice of different sizes, styles, colours and manufacturers.  Trying to pick out a favourite is going to be a bit tricky so I’ll cheat a bit here and list my all time favourites rather than a specific die.

Single Dice:

My speckled Torg die is amazing and there were only available in the Torg boxed set. Later editions of the game swapped this speckled die for a regular D20.  I understand that these may have been manufactured by a company called the Armory as they did a similar looking set of dice called Torgish.  Unfortunately the company no longer makes dice and I was never able to track down a set.

Glow in the dark:

I have several glow in the dark six-sided dice.  One made by Koplow and the other by Flying Buffalo Inc .  The Flying Buffalo dice have a skull in place of the 1 on the die.


I have two sets that I’m fond of.  One of them are the all metal dice from I think Crystal Caste but I’m not sure.  The dice are heavy and appear to be biased or at least the D20 is certainly biased towards the upper end of the range; great for OGL D20 games, not so good for Pendragon.  I’d chalk this up to an anomaly if the fact that all three of the dice all exhibit this behaviour.

The other set is the Traveller 5th Edition dice set I received from the Kickstarter, in black, white, red and yellow with the numbers moulded into the material.

May 1

Old habits

So for the first time in a while I find myself playing in a game and its pretty good to roll the dice as a player. The game is Call of Cthulhu using the Achtung Cthulhu books and set in the early stages of the war.

Something has been playing on my mind though, despite having reasonably competent skill ratings  I seem to be failing to make skill checks; perhaps this is to be expected or maybe I have failed to live up to my tradition when starting a new game.  So I have taken steps to rectify this situation by buying a new set of dice; this time I’m going old school and have ordered a set of white inked red Gamescience precision dice.  I know its a silly superstition but you never know these dice may live up to the hype.

I shall let you know in due course if my new dice do indeed roll true and are better luck than the ones I’m currently using.


April 12

Of dice and men

I mentioned once before of my love of dice and I probably have more than I need.

My first set of dice came with the TSR Marvel Superheroes rpg; two blank ten sided dice with a white crayon to colour in the numbers. I still have them somewhere and the once sharp edges have softened somewhat.

I also have the two tiny miniature twenty sided d10s that came with Middle Earth Roleplay and the two sharp red twenty sided d10s that came with my edition of Deluxe Runequest.  Both of these sets also required colouring in and I’m glad I still had the crayon to do so 🙂 .

Until recently I kept my dice in a simple padded pouch which used to house a laptop mouse.    Several years of use and a growing number of dice prompted me to replace it with a proper dice bag with a greater capacity.  So I did a little checking around and found one that met my requirements and ordered a limited edition space patterned bag from .  I’m quite happy with the bag and it makes a change to see something attractive sitting at the table rather than the old plain pouch I had.  Plus it also houses the d100 I bought all those years ago without bulging at the seams 🙂