September 9

#RPGaDAY Conclusion

I had a blast writing each individual post for a specific day as I have never attempted anything like this before.

I found it a useful exercise in writing to a deadline which is one of my weaknesses, hopefully David will do another topic next year and with enough warning I can devote more time to writing the entries.

I did find the ability to schedule posts an absolute time-saver as I could write each days topic in advance and have them automatically posted on each day.


September 6

#RPGaDAY Day 15: Favourite Convention Game

The one convention game that sticks out in my head more than the others was the Feng Shui game we played at Killercon one year.  It was a pulp game very much in the style of Indiana Jones and the party was questing after a crystal skull before it fell into the hands of the Nazis.

The session was a resounding success as we stopped it from falling into enemy hands and the skull was given to my character to pass on to British intelligence; well that was the theory as it turns out that my character was a double agent working for the Nazis so at the end of the session I’d handed it over.

Oh well 🙂

September 4

#RPGaDAY Day 13: Most Memorable Character Death

I haven’t lost many characters recently and I am aware that we all lose PCs as we get used to learning a new game system; either through a trap or inexperience.

The most memorable for me would be when I lost my Werewolf character Slash of the Wendigo tribe in a ritual duel with a Black Spiral Dancer.  It was an epic fight during which both sides put down their weapons and allowed both pack leaders to duel one-on-one to determine the outcome of the fight.

Unfortunately Slash was fatally wounded in the combat  but the duel had bought enough time for our sides theurges to complete a binding ritual, so it was nothing more than a Pyrrhic victory for the Black Spiral Dancers.

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