May 31

RPG Blog Carnival May 2015 – Unusual Dungeons


This month the subject of the carnival is Unusual Dungeons, hosted by Enderra.

I’ve never really done much dungeon delving as either player or gm, so I found this a bit of a tricky subject to write about.

I’m all for making a dungeon an interesting environment rather than another 1o’ by 10′ room with an Orc and a pie in it, although it is an interesting concept adventure by Monte Cook and I have the t-shirt to prove it πŸ™‚ .

The only real dungeon that appealed were those constructed within a tesseract, a strange construct that can defy logic and also cause insanity as everyone tries to get to grips with exactly how everything connects.

Given enough time, graph paper, inspiration and a book like Central Casting Dungeons I suppose I could create a believable excavated dungeon for the players to explore.Β  There are also other books which can help you stock a dungeon with monsters and treasures or even create an organic realm like How To Host A Dungeon does.

If you’re really stuck for time, use a crossword puzzle for a dungeon map, now that’s an interesting design as crosswords are designed with a degree of symmetry in them and if you throw in a teleport trap or two you could move them from corner to corner without them realising what’s been going on.


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May 20

30 Day D&D Challenge – Day 25

Favourite Magic Item

The game has so many wonderful items it is hard to single one out so for me I’m going to say the Deck of Many Things is my favourite item, mainly because it is a fun thing to drop in and because I have an actual deck that was given away as a prop in Dragon magazine.Β  Fame, fortune and death await those who draw from the deck πŸ™‚

May 19

30 Day D&D Challenge – Day 24

Favourite Energy Type

Would have to be Fire. Yes you could blow things apart with sonic blasts but you can’t beat a good old-fashioned flaming conflagration of death. Hmmm what with me mentioned red dragons, I hope you don’t take me for some sort of arsonist πŸ™‚

This ones certainly from the newer 3e version of the game, as the earlier editions of the game never really defined engender types.


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May 17

30 Day D&D Challenge – Day 22

Favourite Monster Overall

As each edition of D&D has appeared, the overall number of monsters has increased and when D&D 3e was released the Open Gaming Licence gave game designers the chance to release bestiaries of their own making the task of trying to pick a favourite monster harder to do.

The one creature that does stand out and is my overall favourite is the bizzare Owlbear.Β  An unholy fusion of an owl and a bear which was probably created by an intoxicated wizard.

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May 15

30 Day D&D Challenge – Day 20

Favourite Monster (HumanoidΒ  / Natural / Fey)

Is the humble Kobold.Β  Even though the cute little creatures have changed from being dog like to descendants of dragons, I have a soft spot for them.

I once created a kobold adversary who used darts as his principal weapon and was capable of doing quite a lot of damage in a short space of time.

I think my eyes were opened when I read all about Tucker’s kobolds in Dragon magazine 127.

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