July 30

Catalogue update #7

After some more wrangling with Calibre and Book Collector I have managed to come to working arrangement; rather than trying to follow the advice given to me by the Book Collector technical support team I’m having much more success using Calibre’s create a catalogue file of my selected gaming eBooks as a csv file and then importing that into Book Collector.

I have taken the steps of exporting my library as a .mobi file which I sent to my Kindle and this has far more information than I could get into Book Collector without spending a serious amount of time making it work.  Using Calibre’s tag function you can create quite the hyperlinked and cross referenced document.

With any luck this will be my final entry on sorting my catalogue out and making it available to my players.

It’s also worth mentioning that adding the Search The Internet and Goodreads plug-ins are worth adding to Calibre as well to expand the meta-data search functionality.

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  1. By Dominic Amann on

    You earlier article inspired me to start a catalog myself, and I installed GCStar on my “crouton” installation on my Chromebook (Linux on a Chromebook). It is excellent, flexible enough – but with good templates, and powerful enough for all my needs. I can now quickly check which pdfs, softcovers and hardcovers I possess, it has a “lending” section, and can even e-mail borrowers.

    I will move the actual catalog file to my fileserver, so I can access it from anywhere – and there is even a Windows port of GCStar available for those poor benighted sods who “want” that.

    1. By GeneralTangent (Post author) on

      Thanks for the kind words Dominic. I was unaware of GCStar and it’s good to know that there is a port of it for Windows, so I may have a look at it.


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