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May the 4th be with you 2016

With the release of the new film once again it looks like the Star Wars star is in the ascendency and the resultant buzz has certainly sent ripples through the industry.

This new set of films gives yet another timeline to play around in and I’m sure that once the fiction books start to emerge then there will be plenty of material that people will start to adapt to their favourite edition of Star Wars.

For me though, I always loved the Rebellion era; as this is the one I grew up with and spent many hours watching the movies and pouring over the details of each world, life form or ship.  Some of these ended up in the various RPG books of the time and some even in the Star Wars CCG which Decipher published.

I was a little disappointed as the whole expanded universe I grew up with was put to one side and no longer regarded as canon.

Anyway back in the May 2014 blog carnival post I promised a war story from my past.

In the beginning…….

There was a comic shop near me that had just opened up and I soon became a regular there, not like the owner had a choice though 🙂 And one day a notice appeared advertising for players for an upcoming RPG.  So out of idle curiosity one night I popped along to the inaugural meeting and that was the night I really got to play Star Wars in anger.

The scenario.

Was some odd home-brew which the two GM’s worked between them, there was so many people there that two people had to administer it.  I believe the crux of the scenario was to try to find a group of Imperial spies who had infiltrated the alliance; rather than use bog standard NPCs the spies were some of the other players.

So things went a bit awry and ended up with the Imperial spies stealing the smugglers stock light freighter and tried to do a runner.  That night I was feeling pretty heroic so I decided to attempt to leap aboard the ramp as they lifted off.  Just to seal the deal I spent the one force point I had and rolled really well.

It all comes apart here as one of the other players spends a force point to shoot me; they succeeded and blast me off the entry ramp. With my character bleeding to death they proceed to fire the starships weapons into the hanger bay, causing an almighty chain reaction that with one exception kills all the remaining party.  The one survivor was the smugglers co-pilot, a wookie; who used a force point to augment their damage soak roll and ends up being blown out the hanger bay and into a nearby pond with nary a scratch on him.

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