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Not long after starting this blog I joined the RPGBA; a collective of other RPG writer’s and commentators with a common theme. I did this as a way of promoting my writing and  trying to share my wit and wisdom of 20 years of games mastery.

The moderators of the forum also encourage further collaboration in the form of the Blog Carnival,  I participated in last months carnival which was the Game Masters Binder.


Since I joining I have noticed an increase of traffic and comments being left, the downside is that many of the comments are spam and mainly for  weight loss products; whether this is common spam or trying to perpetuate the myth that gamers are overweight I leave that as an exercise for you the reader to determine 🙂

If you want to know more about the alliance then either click on the link to the right or you can view the live RSS feed at the bottom of the links page.

Have fun and may your dice roll true.

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I've been gaming on and off since about 1989 and during that period have played with numerous game systems. I'm fluent in a few, have a basic understanding of quite a few more and can get by in others. Somewhere along the way I found time to be a playtester, contribute to an unpublished game supplement and be associated with another gaming magazine written by far more talented people than I. This lead to one infamous article being written in which I followed the letter of the adventure and torched the parties river barge. I'm also listed on as a game designer.

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