October 19

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Over the years I’ve purchased several pdf files of gaming books and I continue to do so as I find it a convenient way to carry my gaming collection on the go.  Before my tablet I preferred to game at my house as it saved lugging several kilogrammes of gaming books to and fro.

The technology to create these files has also improved and the tools that game authors have are vastly superior to what they had to use before. Despite all these advances there is one area that a lot of these books fall behind with and that is a nicely indexed and bookmarked document that will allow you to jump to the relevant section of a book in a heartbeat.

I know the pain involved with creating a table of contents in Word and there are ways of doing it automatically, is this the reason why publishers steer clear of including a basic bookmark structure, for the fact it looks unprofessional?

I feel not having something like this only adds to the amateur quality of a product.

I wonder if I start leaving comments on the products I bought saying “yes, I like it but why isn’t this pdf bookmarked?” would this start a revolution in the industry?

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