December 5

Dragonmeet 2014

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Central London to my local games convention; Dragonmeet.  I’ve been going on and off for a number of years and its a good chance for me to catch up with some people I haven’t seen for a while and rub shoulders with some game designers.  One year I was convinced to gopher which meant I spent most of the day selling tickets to all those coming through the doors and I knew how many people had come through the door that day.  The only downside was that I was still selling tickets in my sleep 🙂

I’ve had some good times there and attended some really worthwhile panels plus I’ve snagged myself some swag over the years.  There are more talks going on than ever this time and I’m torn about which ones to attend; do I go to the ones I like the sound of or do I attend the ones where my friends are speaking to show moral support?

Then there’s the games, I had a chance to play Frankenstien’s Bodies while it was being play tested around the country and the fantastic game of Dog Town run by the designer himself.

Whatever happens I’m going to enjoy myself and wander around the trade hall a few dozen times looking at all the interesting products while trying not to buy anymore dice from Chessex; although who am I kidding, I expect I’ll have two or three new sets without even realising it 🙂

So if you see me tomorrow come up and say “Hi” which should scare me no end as there isn’t a photo of me on this site 🙂


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