February 24

Kickstarter – Laser Etched Miniatures for Table Top Games and RPGs

One thing I have always liked when playing games is to have a physical representation of a character and the monsters on the board.  I guess this stems from the ill fated Cyborg Commando game where my perception of things didn’t match the players perception of the situation.

Even though I do love miniatures I’m a terrible painter and I just don’t have the skill or patience to do them justice.  Playing online is a different matter as I can make use of tokens and I discussed that in this post.

Which brings me to this Kickstarter by Daft Concepts: Laser Etched Miniatures for Table Top Games and RPGs .

These sets of laser cut, laser etched, wooden miniatures are the perfect blend of detail and affordability.

The images they have certainly look good and the bases have a slot into which status tokens can be inserted.  What puts me off is the shipping costs, so perhaps I’ll stick with my current method of play, paper tokens stuck to coins so they don’t blow away.  🙂

The funding period ends on the 10th of March, so you have time to decide if they’re right for you.

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