March 28

Shackled City Adventure Path

After a brief hiatus I’m once more back in the saddle as gm and starting to run the Shackled City Adventure Path for my group.

I’ve debated with other gms the pros and cons of such large scale adventures before and this is going to be my first real attempt at a long term D&D campaign.

It’s also the first time I’ve had the players control multiple characters, two each just do we have the required four player party basis which became the norm for D&D 3.

I’m cheating slightly and I’m using Pathfinder as my core rules and the players seem to be happy with the rules set.

We’re only a couple of sessions in and things are going OK but there are still areas that need to be addressed; like the combat manoeuvres. Despite the design team trying to simplify them there are still questions over whether or not you would actually use grapple or disarm unless you really had to.

Before embarking on running this mighty adventure I did search the web to see if any conversion notes had been published and I didn’t find many at all; those that I did find were incomplete although there was an amazing one which I bookmarked but apart from that I’m having to convert on the fly.

While I’d love to post details of how they’re progressing I have a feeling that my players may decide to read this blog and see if I accidentally leak a spoiler or two from each session.

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