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30 Day D&D Challenge – Day 8

Favourite Character You Have Played.

Of the handful of characters I played my all time favourite was an AD&D 2nd edition Chronomancer called Garvine of Shadowdale.  The class came from the TSR supplement about a specialist wizard that could manipulate time and was probably the only sort of specialist I ever played.

He was human and hailed from Shadowdale in the Forgotten Realms and always had his quartz crystal in the shape of an hourglass.

There was something special about him, I enjoyed the fact that the spells I had may not directly injure people but could do other fantastic effects; like push an opponent a few minutes into the future which would temporarily remove them from combat.

Early on in his career he obtained a wand of lighting bolts which proved to be very useful to the group and he wasn’t shy of entering hand to hand combat either with his staff and battle cry of “swingy-swingy-clonk”.

The funny thing was that if I was to say the battle cry before I rolled the die to hit, I was nearly always successful in my endeavours to strike my target.

We stopped playing when Garvine got to 8th level, which was the highest level I had ever reached as a player.  Somewhere in a folder I still have the character but I guess it would need updating to the latest rules to play him.

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