August 6

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 4: Most Surprising Game

Normally when it comes to writing I have a rough idea of what I’m going to pick, this question has given me lots to think abut; like what does it mean by surprising game?  So I scratched my head and thought long and hard about this question; what game has surprised me?

Does he mean a game that surprises that shock or horror; blood and gore; or something that makes you laugh?

After giving it a lot of thought it occurred to me that the game that has most surprised me of late is Fluxx and specifically Star Fluxx.  Two games that play differently because the players can change the rules of the game while it plays and being able to change the victory conditions makes a change; for now you can win through nothing more than luck if a player isn’t concentrating on the game at hand.

The game is cheap, simple to understand and above all a great way to kill an afternoon with beer and pretzels; although being English that is more likely to be tea and hob nobs 🙂

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