May 7

Kickstarter – Perilous Journeys

An overland adventure rules supplement for Dungeon World.

Dungeon World is becoming one of those games I seem to be collecting supplements for and have yet to break it out and play it.  Once I have given the rules a good read then one day soon I shall be able to get a good Dungeon World game going.


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March 18

Kickstarter – Beasties & Bygones: Raunchy Comedy RPG – Dungeon World & 3.5

EU-FRIENDLY! An RPG & a guide to creating comedic, satirical adventures! Play a one shot game or run a season! South Park meets D&D!

I’m not sure if you could sustain a comedy campaign, believe me I tried back in the day when I tried running Steve Jackson games Toon.

Still at least you get the Dungeon World version of the game which is somewhat of a bonus.