February 20

Kickstarter – The Monster Alphabet, with GM Gems

Goodman Games is Kicstarting another project, this time for a pair of system neutral books The Monster Alphabet, with GM Gems described as:

Designing monsters is as easy as A, B, C! Illustrated systems-neutral RPG supplements for creature creation and GM idea generation.

I already own PC Pearls and the Dungeon Alphabet so I’m sure that these two projects will both be first rate.

I’ve backed Goodman Games before and they delivered the goods before so I’m confident that they will make this happen.  As usual, all Kickstarter risks apply so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work 🙂

The deadline for the Kickstarter is 11 March so you have plenty of time to go and become a backer.

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February 19

Kickstarter – Dungeon Desk Pad

This is another old idea but one that hasn’t been around for a while and not in this size; a premium A3 Desk Pad custom printed for tabletop game adventure creation.

I remember going and purchasing a pad of 50 sheets of not quite A4 graph paper which was labelled as blank dungeon geomorphs and they did do the trick but I never got around to using all the pad as I gave up on the rather time consuming method of drawing your own dungeon on gridded paper.

I’ve previously backed one of this creators projects for a pad of Savage Worlds character sheets and I was very impressed by them; however since they were A5 I appear to have lost them somewhere.  This project runs until the 1st of March so you have a few days to get in on it.


February 18

Kickstarter – Epic Hero and Villain Feat Cards

The creator of this project contacted me directly and asked me to have a look at his Epic Hero and Villain Feat Cards Kickstarter.

I’ve seen this sort of card gimmick in the past used by games like Torg and also recently Savage Worlds; the idea is that by playing a card you can take advantage of a bad situation and free yourself from the tyranny of poor dice rolling.  I do like systems like this as it gives the players a chance to shine and succeed at critical moments.

Would I back it?  Possibly if I was going back to playing a game like DnD where it might be useful but recently I’m playing more indie stuff or Call Of Cthulhu where a large bonus to a d20 roll may be aweseome but peanuts to a percentile system.

The good news is that the project is going to be backed as it has achieved it’s funding goal and it should be delivered in June or so.

I’ll mention that like other projects I have mentioned in the blog, I haven’t benefited in any shape or form by this post.  I just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention as mentioned in my last post.

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February 3

Virtual Tabletop gaming

After seeing a projector combined with a virtual tabletop on a friend’s FaceBook timeline it got me thinking if I could do something like that.  The projector is going to be expensive so I thought perhaps going for a cheaper alternative and playing in the same room with tablets; each one becoming a miniature map showing each player what their character can see.

I’m sure something like that could work.  Android tablets are very cheap these days and Roll20 can be used for free so that’s two of the major stumbling blocks out of the way, the only worry I have is that perhaps playing this way you would lose the atmosphere around the gaming table.  While I have had success using a virtual tabletop like Roll20 online you can make allowances for the fallibility of the technology in play, having you lose connection to the server when sitting around the gaming table could be potentially much worse as people scrabble around to find the dice and characters sheets which can normally be found to hand.

Perhaps I’ll give it a try and see what comes of it, after all nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

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March 26

Gaming Paraphernalia

So as as game of many years I have accumulated quite the collection of knick-knacks, gee-gaws and other assorted gaming stuff.

None of which compares to my dice.

I’m fairly suspicious when it comes to dice and I always took the opportunity with a new campaign to buy some new dice, in the hope that they would be lucky.

The last set I purchased were metal with a nice gold finish and a suitable heft to them.  I bought them because I thought that they would be unbiased and not have the same problems as my plastic ones.  The problem is that the d20s are a little biased and tend to roll high numbers.

I still have the set of dice that I bought for a player who suddenly passed away; they have never been used and not taken out of the polybag in which they came in.  I think I shall keep them that way, a reminder of the gamer who is no longer with us and the chair which will never be filled.

Perhaps I shall also break my Traveller 5th edition dice out and give them a whirl; even if they are a bit larger at 19mm than most of the d6s I have.