April 3

Kickstarter – GNL Mats

Modular gaming mats that fit any size or shape table, work with any marker, and are super durable.

Like many gms when D&D 3 appeared and introduced the concept of using a battle grid I had to go and purchase a couple for use.  It was then I discovered the main drawback of the maps I bought were that they didn’t fit the gaming table and would either hang over the edge or make battles a rather intimate encounter whenever I used the smaller one.

This looks like just the ticket for me, being able to lay a few down and clean them afterwards.  The only concern I have is that the international shipping is going to be a very costly proposition and may push it outside of my price bracket.


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  1. By GameNightLife on

    Hey, if you can get a hobby shop in your country to purchase a large quantity, a special shipment can definitely be arranged. 🙂


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