August 11

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 9: Favourite Media You Wish Was an RPG

In some ways I regard myself as lucky, many of the shows and books I like are popular enough to spawn licensed editions.

With the exception of one show:  Blakes 7 RPG.  I have a home-brewed black and white comb bound edition I’d love a decent version of it.

Blakes 7 is a classic British SF programme, it ran for four years and centred around a group of prisoners on the run from the Federation.   Each prisoner had his own character flaws and it was probably the first show I saw where a flaw came to the fore.

Perhaps I shall see about doing my own version of it using Fate or something similar.

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August 10

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 8: Favourite RPG in the Media

One of the points I find while doing this challenge is trying to come up with some interesting answers to the questions.

I remember years ago seeing Mazes and Monsters the film loosely based upon the disappearance of James Dallas Egbert III.  So while it is an appearance in the media the game system is entirely fictitious.

My answer to this question would have to be the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, I remember watching this when I got home and being enthralled by it.

I should also point out that while this park takes you to the land of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons none of the riders suffered any sort of injury or dismemberment; which is more than can be said about most modern parks 🙂


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August 9

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 7: Favourite Free RPG

I’ll confess to being something of a system hoarder, if I come across a game that is marked as free then I tend to download it so that I can read it or at least be inspired by it.

There are lots of games to download, I would list them all but someone already has a compendium of Free rpgs which can be found here: The Compendium of Free Role Playing Games

My favourite free game would have to be FATE published by Evil Hat , I know it is technically a game system but you can still do a lot with it and it is very easy to build your own game world using this wonderful toolkit.

I did something similar with my Star Trek game, details can be found here and here.


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August 5

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 3: Favourite New Game of the Last 12 Months

Thanks to the deals offered by Bundle of Holding I’ve bought several games in the last twelve months, so trying to pick a favourite is going to be tricky and the whole point of this challenge is to select one game from my collection.

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of playing a 60s campaign after the fun I had with the supers game I did a few years back.

One of the bundles yielded me this gem

A roleplaying game of sixties spies
and the supernatural
by Matt Machell

It’s a wonderful example of design, simple and keeps the action flowing which is the sort of thing I’m favouring these days.

There was another game I wanted to pick but it falls outside the remit of the challenge, perhaps another day?

Link to Matt’s homepage:

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August 4

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 2: Kickstarter you’re most pleased you backed

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 2: Kickstarter you’re most pleased you backed

According to my Kickstarter history I’ve backed 94 projects thankfully most of them are digital so I’m not knee deep in packaging and boxes and about 10% have failed to be backed.

You could say I’m really enthused by the concept of Kickstarter and many of these projects aren’t really mainstream to be picked up by a standard distribution channel so in many ways crowd funding is the only way these games will see the light of day.

The project I’m most pleased I backed is Space: 1889 – SF Role Playing in a More Civilized Time.  I liked the original GDW game but the system was a bit wonky for my tastes, I bought the Savage Worlds Red Sands campaign and I felt let down by it.  The new edition from Clockwork is very good indeed and the Ubiquity system is a nice fit as well as letting me use material from other Ubiquity games.


August 3

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 1: Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To

#RPGaDAY2015 – Day 1: Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To

There are so many interesting games scheduled to come out this year it is hard for me to say which one I’m looking forward to the most.  Many of these games are ones I have backed via Kickstarter, so I would have to say the impending Thunderbirds board game is going to be the one I’m really looking forward to.


August 2

Catalogue update #8

I’m really making progress now with the catalogue, all my false starts have been mostly overcome and the Calibre library is growing.

I have found using Calibres main strength in maintaining a library to be a huge advantage of a directory listing of poorly named files. Once the book is imported, Calibre can also extract the stored metadata of the book and add it to the collection as well as being able to supplement it with on-line lookups.

When I started this journey I was only interested in using the ISBN as the primary way of identifying a book, now I have come to realise that embedded metadata is just as important to maintain an accurate collection.

I just wish game publishers would take this into account when creating their pdf files for distribution to the general public.

At the rate I’m going I may only have one or two updates left in this subject.