April 30

Kickstarter – Fifth Edition Fantasy Adventure Modules

New adventures for the 5th edition of the world’s first fantasy RPG! World-neutral, stand-alone, and ready to drop into your campaign!

Goodman Games is once again launching another Kickstarter and this time it’s a collection of adventures for D&D5.  I shall be backing this project as Goodman Games have always come through with the goods.

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April 26

Kickstarter – Epyllion, a Dragon Epic RPG

Play as a clutch of young drakes who must use the power of friendship to protect their homeland from an ever-growing Darkness.

This is something I haven’t seen since the old Council of Wyrms setting, a game where you can play a dragon.

The game has funded by quite a large margin so it could well be worth backing it.

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April 19

Kickstarter – Campaign Coins Starter Sets and Epic Treasure

We make beautiful metal coins for tabletop games. Treasure worthy of your greatest adventures!

I’ve done all sorts of things to try and grab the attention of my players with props, I even tried using in game currency to add the extra dimension to the game but I ran into a major problem with coins; you couldn’t get enough of them to represent the vast wealth that certain OGL games require.

Now this project does look cool but since the coins are metal I suspect the shipping costs of the number of coins I would need to play with would be beyond prohibitive.

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April 15

Kickstarter – BattleBards – Fantasy Audio for Tabletop Gamers Done Right!

Enhance your Campaign w/ 500+ Fantasy Audio Scores built for Tabletop RPGs. Create your own custom scores! All from the browser.

As a games-master I’m always looking for something to enhance my players experience at the tabletop, I’ve mentioned using soundtracks before to try and make things memorable. There’s nothing like the sound of rain or chatter at the local tavern playing in the background to add to the atmosphere.

So when I was contacted by BattleBards regarding their Kiskstarter I was intrigued to say the least.


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April 12

Kickstarter – Fantasy RPG Bookmarks for Players & Game Masters

Finally a series of bookmarks that are both beautiful and functional to enhance your tabletop gaming experience!

I’ve mentioned about using bookmarked pdfs before but never talked about a proper physical bookmark that you can stick inside your gaming books.  This Kickstarter does just that, a collection of bookmarks that you can use in your gaming books.

I like the look of them and the art is pretty good, I’m undecided whether or not to back the project since they only appear to be printed one side; I suspect it would be too much of a headache to print bookmarks containing basic class information for all the OGL games on the reverse.


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April 4

Kickstarter – Sector Commander: WWII

Back an exciting card driven WWII strategy game that plays like a wargame, card game and a board game all in one! For 2 or more players

This looks like it may break the mould in tabletop wargaming, it could be worth a punt if you like this sort of thing.  Since tabletop wargaming brings out the worst side of me, I won’t be backing this one I’m afraid and when I say worst side, I mean the really competitive part of me that hates to lose 🙂